Who is up for Calisthenics?


Hey guys, we have a small group of people that meet up at Jaarbeurs regularly, in front of the train station, and are looking for some more motivated people to join us. We are all amateurs, so working towards a common goal of constant progress. Does that sound interesting to you? Leave a comment.

asked 228 days ago
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I would definitely be up for some exercise! When will the next meet-up take place?

asked 228 days ago
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Count me in as well! - Moses 228 days ago
Depending on the weather we would meet up on Monday during noon, around 12ish, or in the evening :) As I mentioned in the question, we meet up at Jaarbeurs in front of the stairs. There is a skatepark and more importantly bars for calisthenics and obstacles for parkour running. - Robert 227 days ago


That is such a pleasant post! I am a regular calisthenics practitioner, any more info about it? ;-)

asked 222 days ago
Rafael Bartolomeu
points: 66
Yo Rafael, So as I mentioned in the question we are a bunch of guys training together and helping each other out to reach our personal goals, from a muscle up to front lever etc. We have a WhatsApp group for that. Feel free to add me on FB for more info: Robert Roman Biller - Robert 221 days ago

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