Which gym would you recommend for someone who's just moved to Utrecht?


To give a bit of background, I'm looking for a cheaper gym and eventually one that would allow me to cancel my membership at any time. I will only be in Utrecht for 6 months and after that my Erasmus finishes. Any suggestions?

asked 189 days ago
Ray M
points: 66

Looking for a gym with specific exercises (tools) or a generic one is fine? - Gianfri.aur 189 days ago
Are you looking for anything in particular in terms of distance or atmosphere? - Teodor 189 days ago
Not necessarily. Like Gianfri said, a generic gym would do just fine as long as it's cheap and I can work out peacefully. I've been training 3 years now and I really prefer some space around me haha - Ray M 189 days ago

1 Answer


Fit for Free could be a good fit for you.
They have multiple facilities all around Utrecht and they're pretty big too. You can easily get there and will probably have enough space, I imagine. Cheap too.

asked 189 days ago
points: 180
I personally go to Newstyle but that's just because they also throw in sauna for just a couple bucks extra :D - Teodor 189 days ago

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