Tennis courts in Utrecht


Does anyone know of a relatively cheap tennis club where I could rent a court without being a member ?

asked 188 days ago
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Hi Matteo,
I found two options which you might like. You'll find the links attached as well.
First would by the Olympos training facility. All you need to access it is an Olympos membership card (costs 15 euros). According to their website, you could play up to 45 minutes each day but can opt to pay a bit extra for a tennis extra membership which also includes lessons and participation in tournaments (another 45 euros).

Othersiwe, you could try the Tennis Association PVC. As a student, you'd only need to pay a one time yearly fee of € 169,00. This gives you access to all of their facilities.

See which you like best. There's other options out there as well but these are the ones I know of.

asked 187 days ago
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Thanks a lot !! - Matteo 182 days ago

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