Studielink and the DigID


Hi everyone, could please explain me what is the DigID, I have seen it now as a mean of login into Studielink but I don't understand how useful is it and how to get one? also is it used for other purposes than Studielink ?

asked 210 days ago
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Hi Matteo,

The DigiID is, very bluntly put, a digital version of most of your interactions with the Dutch government. It becomes extremely useful if you plan on staying here longer, or if you want to apply for a student grant or loan.

In order to get it, you'd neet to ask for one. If I remember correctly, it took them two or three for the letter they sent me to arrive. It contained a username & password. From there on, you're set.

I believe Studielink is a new addition to their system. Unless you qualify in the above mentioned scenario, I'm not sure how useful getting a DigiID would be for you.


asked 210 days ago
Ray M
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