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Hey guys, so I just arrived in Utrecht and saw that people are using the so-called OV-chipkaarts. Apparently, there are two types of cards. One is anonymous (blue) and the other is personalized (yellow), that I figured out by now. However, I would like to get advice from fellow students on which one to get if at all.


asked 223 days ago
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Do you plan on traveling outside of Utrecht much? Otherwise, if you live in the city, I'd much rather recommend cycling. It's faster sometimes and cheaper always. - Joanna 222 days ago
Uhh.. That's a bit much, I think. I can't cycle everywhere. I live now in Overvecht and getting to Uni would take at least a few dozen minutes. - Josephinne 222 days ago
But yea, traveling around would be cool! I haven't seen much of the NL anyways. - Josephinne 222 days ago
I just got my yellow card. As it is personal, you can apparently add different discounts to it and seems overall a bit more convenient. - Jared 222 days ago
Yo, Jared, can you repost that as an answer? - Ray M 222 days ago

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Card differences

They're both used for travelling around and are valid everywhere in the NL.

The yellow card is personal (has you face on it too) and you can add different discount products on it. It's also cool that people can return it to you in case you lose it.

The blue card is for people who don't travel all that much. It can't carry any products.

All in all, I think you should choose either depending on how long you plan on staying here.

asked 222 days ago
points: 70
Whoo, thanks for the help! :D I'll go for the blue one, then, since my Erasmus finished in winter. - Josephinne 222 days ago

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