Need suggestion: where to rent a bike


Where can I rent a bike just for couple of days?
Preferably a place near Utrecht Centraal.

asked 194 days ago
points: 157

2 Answer


The closest bike place to Utrecht Centraal I know is Laag Catharijne. One of my friends goes there regularly to fix his bicycle and always recommends that I try too. They'll probably charge you a deposit fee, although I'm not sure how much. Here's their address: Catharijnesingel 28, 3511 GB Utrecht. Happy cycling!!

asked 194 days ago
points: 180


You can also rent a OV-fiets if you have a personalized OV-card. That costs only 3,5€ per day! Anyway recommending getting a personalized OV, since then you can also have discounts on traffic hours if you travel with train.

asked 181 days ago
points: 80

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