My glasses broke


I've only been here for three weeks and I already managed to break my glasses beyond repair.

Can any of you recommend me a solid ophthalmologist in Utrecht? And do you know if my insurance can cover for this?
Thanks in advance!

asked 196 days ago
Ray M
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2 Answer


I can't tell you for sure if your insurance can cover for that, but a quick look at your plan should. Double check to be sure. And you wouldn't really need an ophthalmologist either. Usually, you'd just walk inside the store and get your measurements done there. Good luck!

asked 195 days ago
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Fortunately, Jared's right! You won't need to go to an ophthalmologist.
I've heard a lot of people recommend Pearle Opticiens. Apparently they're welcoming and professional but luckily for me, I never had to see for myself. Hope you get 'em fixed fast!

asked 195 days ago
points: 70

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