Mobile carriers.. a hard choice


I'm in the process of getting a Dutch phone number and have now managed to narrow down my network provider choice to just two contenders: Vodafone and Tele2. They both suit me well as the price is virtually the same for the kind of package I'm opting for (two years contract with unlimited data and calling).

Do any of you use any of these two providers? Which one would you recommend?

asked 164 days ago
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1 Answer


My experience with Vodafone is better than with Tele2. It's been a couple of years ago that I had a Tele2 subscription, but reach was far from perfect, especially outside of the city. Plus, their customer support wasn't helpful either.

asked 162 days ago
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Thanks! It's good to know. I don't travel outside the city that much but I still wouldn't want such surprises when I do haha - Jared 162 days ago

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