Looking for a good and cheap course to learn dutch?


Looking for a good and cheap course to learn dutch? I need something in Leiden or Utrecht!

asked 207 days ago
Benjamin Garcia
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By the way, this question might interest you, Benjamin: http://www.frask.eu/questions/what-series-can-i-watch-to-improve-my-dutch :D - Teodor 202 days ago

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Hello Benjamin,

The same question has been answered here: http://www.frask.eu/questions/affordable-dutch-classes. Please refer to the second answer. For the sake of ease, I will sum it up for you now.

Via this link: https://www.nltraining.nl/cursusaanbod/nederlands-verbeteren , you can apply for a government subsidized course in Dutch for various levels depending on preference. If I'm not mistaken, you'd only need to pay a one time fee of around 50 euros, which includes the course, as well as the materials you will be using.


asked 207 days ago
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