How to spot a scammer?


Hello again,

There's a lot of people on Facebook complaining about scammers. So far, I haven't encountered any (or so I think, haha) and I'm curious to hear about your experiences.
Any tips help!

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Hi Josephinne,

I caught onto a scammer's intentions in time, right before I was supposed to wire them money.

First of all, they approached me via Facebook after I commented under a post with over 20 comments already! Their profile was incomplete and the name foreign. I didn't pay attention to this at first, as I was desperate.

Second of all, they asked me to communicate via e-mail. Afterwards, they sent me a presumed address and some photos of the place. I tried Google Maps on it and was shown a grass field. Again, I didn't think much of it. Only when looking at the photos something seemed off. All the interiors were looking waaaay too tidy for the asking price. I reversed searched for them in Google images and an Ikea catalogue came up. I stopped writing afterwards.

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Scammers often insist on time pressure: "...I will be there in a few days...", " should pay me today so that I..." etc.

They also reference other "important" people that might have any impact on you getting the room: "'s the house of a friend, he asked me to arrange the rental for him/ her...".

asked 171 days ago
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