Finally moved in what do I sleep on?


Yes, I managed to find a place but it's missing the homely feeling still. And I mean BIG TIME, there's no furniture, or anything. I'm looking to get at least a bed, a desk and a spacey wardbrobe, yet I'd rather buy them second hand.
Do you know of any such store that delivers home? Thanks a bunch!

asked 195 days ago
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2 Answer


There's a big second hand store right at the beginning of Croeslaan, as you go down from the station. I heard they do deliveries but they won't bring the stuff inside. Be prepared to carry whatever you order after they've dropped it off.
Here's their website:

asked 194 days ago
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I know Ikea has kind of a "second hand" section in their store and a "reduced price" section on their website. Maybe you can have a look there. The delivery is actually cheaper than the bus there.

asked 194 days ago
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