do you have any suggestions?


write here as an answer all that comes to mind and that is missing, we will do the impossible to satisfy all requests.

if you just want to let us know if you like all this you are welcome :-)

asked 231 days ago
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can you tell us what times, example would you like to add a gag? here is correct! - Gianfri.aur 231 days ago
Toooooop! Finally online! - Teodor 230 days ago
Where I add a comment, it shows 'example textarea' Also, remove the landing page and let us get straight to the goods :D - Herman 230 days ago
*upvote Herman's comment* - Teodor 230 days ago
I have to click add a comment to see the comments In the overview of questions, I see 0 answers, etc while this one definitely has answers/comments - Herman 230 days ago
Instead of having to click 'new' wouldn't it be easier to have the field on top of the homepage? Similar to Facebook's "what are you doing" field. Also, white lines are discarded in your comments? And if I cross the character limit, I get a weird error - Herman 230 days ago
erman, thank you, next time you could send me an email to with the error - Gianfri.aur 210 days ago

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I see this now. What's the difference between comments and answers?

asked 230 days ago
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It's a choice we made for clarity. Answers can be flagged as "correct" once they fully satisfy the question asked. Comments only serve to clarify any uncertainties or to carry out discussions. - Teodor 230 days ago
Ah great. How about some more colors across the homepage? And otifications when someone responds to my question. - Herman 224 days ago


Great it's finally here good job guys!! I think it could be nice to have us land straight to the questions instead of the landing page with the scores ... then have tabs or a menu with the scores / info on the concept and then have a chat system between the person who answers a query of yours (if feasable)

asked 228 days ago
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The chat system would be to prevent having to scroll through tons of comments so maybe you could let the person that asks a question decide wether he/she wants to allow people to reach her by Pm? - Matteo 228 days ago
Thanks for the nice word, Matt! The chat function is indeed important and we'll make it happen within the next few days. And don't worry, the landing page will disappear too ;) - Teodor 228 days ago


Maybe different categories would be nice because atm it is all a bit unstructured. Also, I see that the votes don't have an influence on the ranking of questions.

asked 222 days ago
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You're absolutely right, these are details already planned for development, now we're focusing on finishing all the basic features - Gianfri.aur 217 days ago

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