Best swimming place in Utrecht and surroundings.


Which are the best swimming place in Utrecht and surroundings?

asked 218 days ago
points: 70

2 Answer


Haarrijnseplas, Maarssen lake, and the small beach at Nieuwegein in front of Down Under restaurant!

asked 218 days ago
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I've also been to Haarrijnseplas. Cool place but the water can be a bit chilly as usual in the NL haha. - Teodor 218 days ago
Hahha, it is chilly everywhere! :D - Loviisa 216 days ago


Besides what Loviisa mentioned, the Kromme Rijn next to the Uithof is also pretty nice.

Lots of students go there. It's an indoor pool too, which makes it great during colder seasons :D

asked 218 days ago
points: 180

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