Applying for a DUO loan


Who can tell me what documents I would need to apply for a governmental load here?
As a side note, I'm also curious to hear about your experiences with it. I will start my Bs at Hogeschool Utrecht this September and consider applying for it.

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Ray M
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First thing first, do you have an European passport? If I'm not mistaken, this becomes necessary when applying for a DUO loan. - Joanna 229 days ago
Yes, that shouldn't be a problem! - Ray M 229 days ago
It's pretty easy to apply for and worth it, especially is you're at the beginning of your stay and are planning on being here for longer than one year. You'd need to work at least 56 hours each month your loan is active but they're quite flexible about it. Say, if during one month you'd work 50 hours, but the next one 62, it all evens out. Keep all your payment slips in one place, so that you may afterwards present them to whichever of their offices you choose to visit. And yes, do visit them. Sending them documents via e-mail or post seems to lead to longer processing times. - Josephinne 229 days ago

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Hi Ray,
From what I remember, I was asked to provide a proof of enrollment, one of employment, my income statement of the previous year and my bank account details. Oh, and a phone number. This is all for the Studiefinanciering loan, btw. There's another one which becomes a gift from the gov if you finish your study in under 10 years and which is calculated based on your parents' income. For that one you'll also need the income statements of your parents.

As for my experience with it, I've had it for two years now and it's helped me out a lot. I don't stress about paying it back either, thanks to the lengthy time frame (36 years) and low interest rate (1 euro for every 100 you borrow).


asked 229 days ago
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