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Do any of you know where I could learn Dutch at an affordable price?

I've seen Babel offers courses, but those those go sky high pretty fast, although I do understand that the exam price is also included. Private teachers I've contacted were also asking quite a bit.

My goal would by a comfortable B2 level.

asked 211 days ago
Ray M
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If you're confident enough, you could pick up any books of an according level (for you, I suppose, it's A1?) and just study by yourself. I'd suggest a more grammar focused book, like the Boom series, in this case. The exercise's answer sheet you can find online.

As for actually practicing the language, just go around. I've a feeling you can find at least one or two Dutch speakers around :D

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Hi Ray,

I've heard of this online, hope it helps.

On the website you can apply for different subsidized Dutch courses. They only go as far as B2, which is just what you wanted.

After contacting them, they'll call you in for an interview to determine your actual level. Classes follow afterwards, for which you have to pay a one time 45 euro fee (which also includes the price of the manuals you will be using).

asked 210 days ago
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Thanks Ioana! This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for! - Ray M 210 days ago

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